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Jupiter’s Transit through Leo; And the Effects

Bijesh Menon

Jupiter the planet who rules wisdom, Knowledge, Money, Luck, Children, Guru, Purva Punya, Pilgrims, Vedic sciences and ultimately the mental and intelligence conditioner for the uplifting of soul through the path of spirituality to attain Moksha, will be moving to the sign Leo on 14th July 2015 and will complete his transit through Leo on 11th Aug 2016 for a period of nearly 13 months a bit longer than usual. He will be entering in to retrograde motion by 08th Jan 2016 and will continue in his retrogression till 9th May 2016 within the sign Leo. Leo, a fiery and a war like natured sign owned by Sun through which Jupiter will have his transit in coming one year period approximately would definitely cause serious impacts over wordly affairs and in indicidual’s life alike as throughout his transit through this fiery sign Leo, he will be under aspect from planet Saturn and also will be subject to conjuntion with Rahu from 30th Jan 2016.            



Here I am trying to outline the effects of this transit of Jupiter through Leo keeping the worldy affairs aside rather focussing it’s effects on individuals. I am trying my best to outline a picture in to a possible perfection though even nearing mere perfection is almost impossible as the knowledgeable ones in astrology knows that the transit effects of a planet varies based on many factors like the deccanate and the constellation the planet is navigating through, the Vedha factor, the planets conjoining and having aspect over the planet in concern and also the direct, retrograde and speedy motions of the same. Moreover the directions running one’s own horoscope also has much influence over ones life than the transit on many occassions. Thus these transit results are not to be taken as authority solely.


Here am focussing on the factors like general nature of effects of Jupiter in a house, the nature of his motion varying on times and the planets influencing him at this transit majorly Saturn, Rahu, Mars and Sun. Hoping that this would help everyone who comes across this page to have an insight in to the trends of events would take shape in coming one year. May God Bless you all.





Transit Jupiter’s effects based on Moon signs



Aries -Mesha (Aswnini, Bharani and Karthika ¼)


Personal Life flourishes. A harmonious era in personal life begins with this transit. Those who are single might get married or find their life partner at this period. A happy period in the personal front will be the highlight of this transit. Those who are married may take necessary care for not getting in to extra marital affairs as in this transit, the chances for the same are high. Also married couple who are in anticipation of a child will be blessed with one. But the health and education of children might might be a matter of concern and cause much worries especially to wards the end of this transit.


The much anticipated change in job will be taking place between the months of Aug and Nov of 2015. The change in job will provide more freedom at work, interesting responsibilities to handle, increased income and also a pleasent atmosphere at work. A free flow at work may be lagging on occassions but the situation will be always under control. Financially this transit may not be much helpful as the transit of Saturn is highly adverse. Controlling the expenditures will be a hard nut to crack. Unexpected expenditures will cause much imbalance in your financial front leaving you in a frustrated situation throughout. Health is moderate except for the high possibility of having a minor accident in the months of Mar-April of 2016.



Taurus-Vrushabha (Karthika ¼, Rohini and Mrughasira ½)


Turmoil and uncertainities in profession are awaited. This transit of Jupiter will be an adverse one for you. Throughout the transit there will be many misunderstandings with your collegues and also an unpleasent atmosphere will sustain at the professional front leading you to head towards a turmoil period as far as profession is concerned. You might develop an issue with one of your superior at the work place which may stay unresolved throughout the transit making it very tough for you to continue in the current place but your intense attempts to find an alternate oppertunity will be met with failures thus forcing you to bear the pain and continue with contemplation at the current place. Even there might be an urge to leave the current job around Jan to April of 2016 eventhough you lack an offer from elsewhere.


The situation in the personal front also will be adverse throughout the period adding more intensity to your turmoil. Married couple will have a tough time ahead. There might be many misunderstandings taking place between the couple and reconcilations would meet with fresh adversities every now and then. Plans to purchase a land or a property would meet unexpected delays and obstacles causing much frustrations. Many short journeys are in store throughout this period but most of them woul be turning out to be fruitless. Your health may stay good but the chequered health of family members will be a matter for worry. Finances will be moderate as your income continue to be good but the unexpected expenditures will deny you from adding strength to your financial backups.


Gemini-Mithuna (Mrughasira ½, Aridra and Punarvasu ¾)


So-So situations in every sector of life. This transit will leave its mark in your life with so-so situations throughout the period neither causing any serious affliction nor helping to achieve anything major in any sector of life. Developments related to personal life should be given the merit here with utmost importance. In last transit of Jupiter too you had a mixture of developments in the personal life and in this transit the status quo continues but in reverse order. You happened to face some turmoil in your personal life especially in connection to your spouse which worried you much throughout the last transit from the middle of 2014 but on the other hand you enjoyed the satisfaction of handling your spouse with due care and support throughout the period of turmoil as the relation between you two were very harmonious. While at this transit it would be vice versa. The issues your spouse suffered in the last transit would be overcome by him/her now but the harmony which existed in the last one year may at stake now especially in the first half of 2016 would produce a reversed scenario in your personal life denying a comfort zone.


Professional life too would be marked with similar status. You will have some tensions developing in your work place though things will be always well under control. The expected hike in income and elevation in position will be met with undue delays. Also an unexpected change in work schedule and the new responsibilities imposed to you along with strained relation with someone at work place all make you a bit stressed out in your profession but your natural gift of handling such pressures with ease will work well in tandem to stay balanced. Finances will be moderate as your plans in the financial front will always be met with unexpected turns but your determination and ability to rise to occassion will help you to stay at healthy grounds. Health may stay fine throughout the period though some health issues related to your digestion system may worry you towards the first half of 2016.


Cancer-Karka (Punarvasu ¼, Pushya and Asleshas)


An era of professional stability and financial growth begins. You were having an adverse period as far as your profession and finances are concerned since last two years or so. This transit warrants an end to the struggles you were subject to in last two years or so. To start with you will have a change in job before to the end of Oct 2015. The new job will be giving you an elevated position along with huge hike in income too. The new position will also give you more freedom and liberty and all the responsibilities assigned to you would too add to your comforts thus you will be enjoying your new professional sphere. You might even enjoy the valorous situation derived from the positive changes in your life helping you to stay tall in front of those who were eager to write you off in the past.


Financially things will be definitely be improving for you in this transit but things will take its own time and you should be keeping this well in your mind instead of becoming impulsive and inquisitive to come out of your financial stresses prolonging since long. Also be aware of not to be carried away at the increased income money flowing around you. Personal life will be having some ups and downs though nothing serious would be taking shape in this transit. Children might become a reason for tensions at this period. Health would be staying fine throughout but you would tend to be gloomy on occassions for unnecessary things which could be ascribed to your basic traits too apart from the adverse planetary influences.



Leo- Simha (Makha, Poorva and Utra ¼)


Tensions all around without salvations. The transit of Jupiter through your natal Moon sign is adverse in every sector of life. Though there wouldn’t be any serious troubles occuring in this transit the unending obstacles blocking your progress in life and every plans related to different sectors of life will be met with undue delays imposing a stagnent situation in life. This will be resulting in you getting frustrated and even in lacking in confidence about revising the adverse scenario. Profesional front which is at stake since last one year or so will be continuing and also in coming months your agitations born out of stress at work place will increase.


Anyhow your personal and family life will be good though things won’t be in full positive swing. All your relations in the personal front will be harmonious. You might face some issues with respect to your property or a land. There might arise some kind of dispute regarding the same and which may lead to legal proceedings to. Try to avoid having legal proceedings rather a compromise with a bit sacrifice also would be good for you as a legal battle initiated now may prolong for long. Health would stay good but finances will continue to be in bad shape.  



Virgo- Kanya (Utra ¾, Hastha and Chitra ½)


Finacial Struggles mounting would be highlighted. In this transit of Jupiter you might confront with unexpected issues related to finances. A financial help extended to one of your friend or a close relative won’t be reverted on the promised time which may cause much imbalance in your financial planning. Your relation with the person might go sour too. Also unexpected expenses and loses will add more intensity to the situation. Due to these you might be forced to postpone or drop some your future plans which needs some investment. Also try to avoid any situations wherein you give any gaurentee to a financial deal taking place between two people irrespective of the fact how close or important the person is for you.


Professionally too the upcoming one year span is not encouraging. You would meet with a false allegation raised against you in the work place bringing much ill-name and disrespect towards you and also leading to misunderstandings with collegues and superiors. Personal life will be average while family life will be harmonious from the beginning of 2016. Healthwise a bit care is required especially in the months of Nov-Dec of 2015 as falling down or having a minor accident can’t be ruled out. Those who are planning to have child may wait for another year as complications while conceiving are foreseen.



Libra- Thula (Chitra ½, Swathi and Vishakha ¾)


You are almost there though yet to be relaxed. Most of the issues which pinned you to a stagnent situation in life since last 5 years or so are releasing you slowly from its clutches. You must have faced issues in having substantial growth in your career, insurmountable struggles in your financial front and problems with the kith and kin. This is a period you will have a fresh beginning your career either by the means of attaining an elevation which was due since long or may by having an entry to a new job which helps you to possess the things you were denied in the last one. Also your income will increase considerably giving you much releif and enabling you to see off most of the financial difficulties you were subject to since long.


Personal life will be very good as you will enjoy a good period with your family while other relations in all fronts too will be cordial. Those who are single and unmarried will find their better half now and also many born in this sign will be blessed with a new relation. Not a good time for investments rather it would be better if you accumulate your wealth and be keen in observing where to invest in future. Your children might be a source for pride but their health may trouble you too. Health will stay without disturbances.


Scorpio- Vrschika (Vishakha ¼, Anuradha and Jyeshta)



Watchout before you leap. An array of events developing around you will impel you to take drastic moves in every sector of life but would be advisable to be vigilant and sure of things before you take each of your steps. In profession you will suddenly develop a strain in your relation with one of your superior tempting you to leave the current job and look for a new one but it would be only safe to do so after you secure another otherwise you would repent about your decision soon. This could be attributed to the change in role assigned to you without any prior notice, possibly by the beginning of 2016. Financially too similar developments should be anticipated as your determination to go ahead with your plans which require investments and financial backups may put you under immense pressure if you don’t secure yourself with sufficient sources.


Personal life will be some what good as even in the midst of strained relations you will manage to run the show without much hurdles. Family life will be subject to ups and downs especially in the first half of 2016 but you will always have thumping influences over each and every situation. Your health needs to be given extra care in the months between Sept and Nov of 2015 as you are subject to develop health issues related to your breathing system. A change of place in connection to your profession for a short period may take place in this transit.



Sagittarius- Dhanuss (Moola, Poorvashada and Utrashada ¼)


The Darkness is evading; Rays of hopes are flourishing. It would bring a shiver down your spine if you think about the vicissititudes you faced in last one year or so though you are still shabby in your search of sources to rehabilitate your life. Do not worry the tremour is over. The dusty hue around you is settling down paving way for a clearer vision with certainity deep in to your future. Though the vision you are getting now is inclusive of a few hard facts about the future you are much comfortable now as the future is getting clearer for you. Your turmoil in the professional front will end now. Those who are job less will be blessed with a good job by the months of Spet/Oct 2015 while others may have a chance to migrate in to better places. Those who wish to go abroad will be having opportunity especially inconnection to your profession.


Your personal life will be good. You will have the support from your spouse and family but from the beginning of 2016 there are chances of some strains mounting up in your personal relations especially your with your spouse. Due to professional needs either of the partner will be away from other thus your chances to spend time with your spouse are less throughout this transit. Finances will be moderate but considerably better from the last one year’s situation thus helping you to be happy moneywise. Health will be fine but increased blood pressure and pain in the thighs and knee region are to be expected in the months between Oct 2015 and Feb of 2016.


Capricorn- Makara (Utrashada ¾, Sravana and Dhanishta ½)


Time to thrive but time to hold your nerves too. A mixture of both good and bad trends will keep you guessing, hesitated and confused of the moves you should be making throughout this transit. The adverse trands in the finacial sector by the means of fluctuating income and increased expenditure will keep you worried but the supportive transit of Saturn helping you in finding unexpected gains in regular intervals will keep you confused regarding the actual trend of money flow. You would want to initiate many things in your career but this unpredictable flow of money will hold you from taking any serious steps. Your professional life too meet with such instances thus confining you to your current activities. Eventhough throughout this transit it would occur to you that you are wasting many of the opprotunities by not gathering courage for bold initiations in your career your dabbling with these feelings won’t be enough for you to break your hesitations to step further. It is good that you opt to watchful both in professional and financial sectors of your life. Its the need of the hour.


Personal life life will be in to some kind of turmoil as you would have many difference of opinion with your spouse regarding some of the important decisions to be taken about future. Your spouse would compel you to take decision on certain matters which would have huge impact on your lives and also involve changes in large scale but you would want to conclude anything a bit more later and be watchful till then. Health would be a matter of concern though won’t cause any serious issues.


Aquarius- Kumbha (Dhanishta ½, Satabhisha and Poorva Bhadra ¾)


Changes are inevitable but mostly it happens for good. A change in your professional life is inevitable. This might happen most probably by the beginning of 2016 between Feb and May. There are certain issues you are facing in your current work place and these are existing since long but you have been able to ignore it till date as those issues weren’t enough to force you for a living outside. Moreover you were not sure of the opportunities could be found outside your work sphere thus you were confined to the serene. But towards the beginning of 2016 you will suddenly have an opportunity which you may hesitate to accept initially due to uncertainity of comforts you are enjoying at the current place but many factors together will force you to accept it. But on a later date you will definitely be rejoicing about the decision taken.


Financially you are in to a bad shape since last few years and nothing great could be expected on account of reviving it but you will slowly start having control over your finances in this transit. Family life will be very good as you will enjoy a harmonious period with your spouse and also among other relations from your family but towards the end of this transit that is by the middle of 2016 there are chances of having a clash with one of your close relative with respect to your ancestral property. Health needs to be given care as chronic issues related health like Blood pressure, diabetics and cholestrol are going to trouble you much in this period.



Pisces- Meena (Poorva Bhadra ¼, Utra Bhadra and Revathi)



Having everything around won’t be enough till you start accepting and enjoying it. This period warrants you everything around you. Your profession wil be going good. Finances will also be good though some worries will mount up occassionally. Professionally you won’t face much problem but your saturated feeling and lacking in interest to continue in the current place will a bad patch in career. Meanwhile finances may confronted with some unexpected loses and expenditures but nothing would be serious.  


Personal life that is where the key to your issues in this transit would lie. The realization or may be just a feeling that the one whom you loved and cared with utmost importance in life is not sincere to you and to the relation with you will make you weak and distracted from evrything else in this world. Your natural ability to fall back to God and the spiritual healings to cure your wounds also wont come to rescue you much this time around as you wouldn’t be able to focus there also at this transit. Your attempts to find solutions to these issues will be met with failures leading you to get confined to your nutshell more rigidly. But the planetary influences around this period are indicating that it will be wise to reanalyze the situation whenever you feel taken aback in your personal relation. As the saying goes “salavations should come from the sky” salvations for your problems in the personal life arising in this transit should be coming from your own mind. Health will be fine though you will weak throughout and that can be attributed your mental disturbances

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